OJJDP's Investment in Mentoring

OJJDP/NMRC LogosThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has long supported mentoring programs, with mentoring appropriations totaling more than $769 million from FY 2008 to FY 2016. OJJDP’s mentoring work aims to both increase opportunities for youth to have mentors and improve the quality and impact of the mentoring they receive. Through its research, programmatic grants, training and technical assistance, and publications, OJJDP provides financial incentives and national leadership to support the delivery of high quality mentoring to a diverse and growing population of youth. The OJJDP National Mentoring Resource Center has been developed as a key research and practice resource for the mentoring field.

As one of the primary supporters of youth mentoring at the federal level, OJJDP values partnerships with other federal agencies, mentoring programs, and research institutions as well as direct family and youth engagement in its mentoring initiatives. OJJDP has also established a Mentoring Subcommittee of the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to help advance mentoring collaboration across the federal government and develop deliverables in support of mentoring efforts.

OJJDP's Programmatic Initiatives in Mentoring

On an annual basis, OJJDP uses appropriated federal funds to support a variety of mentoring approaches. OJJDP’s mentoring work focuses on expanding the use of research-informed enhancements to mentoring programs as well as providing mentoring services to underserved and at-risk populations of youth.

A few of OJJDP's recent programmatic mentoring initiatives include:

OJJDP's Research and Evaluation Initiatives in Mentoring

In addition to supporting a variety of programmatic approaches that emphasize the use of mentoring research, OJJDP has focused on translating mentoring research to practice through a three prong strategy that includes disseminating information about evidence-based and research-informed mentoring practices, more strategically and effectively integrating research into mentoring practice, and supporting ongoing evaluation and assessments of innovative mentoring approaches.

Disseminating evidence-based mentoring resources

OJJDP's National Mentoring Resource Center includes a Research Board that oversees the development of the tools and resources in the "What Works" section and guides the training and technical assistance approach.

Integrating research into mentoring practice

OJJDP has supported three demonstration mentoring programs that promote practitioner-researcher partnerships and match innovative programmatic designing with ongoing evaluation. This includes:

Evaluation of innovative mentoring approaches

OJJDP supports investigator-initiated evaluation and research to better understand what works in mentoring and the underlying practices or mechanisms of these approaches. This includes:

Recent publications

OJJDP Mentoring Grantees

Below, you will find the list of OJJDP Mentoring Grantees awarded funding over the past several years, many of which provide mentoring to at-risk and underserved youth populations.

Funding Opportunities

A listing of available grants from OJJDP that support initiatives to provide national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile justice and victimization.

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